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The Rembert Law Firm is dedicated to making recovery for clients' injuries as painless as possible, by open and easy communication on their schedules, through individualized client web-portals so they can track the process of their cases and receive personal service no matter where and when they need.

Welcome to The Rembert Law Firm

Servicing car accidents, Personal Injury & Workers Comp

At the Rembert Law Firm, no injury case is too big or too small.  We've helped hundreds of folks across the state.  We know what it's like when you've been injured and we know how stressful the whole process of recovery is, to say nothing of dealing with phone calls and letters from insurance companies and hospitals and doctors' offices. We take as much as we can off your plate, so you can focus on the most important thing: getting better.

workers compensation

Workers Compensation

car accidents

Car Accidents

andre rembert

André Rembert

Personal injury

Personal Injury

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We can provide you with a free and confidential evaluation

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Why Choose Us?


The Experience and Results to Fight for You

When you've been injured, the other guy's insurance company isn't there to pay you what's fair they're there to pay the LEAST amount possible.  You need someone on your side, with the know-how and ability to get you the MOST amount possible.


In today's world, it can be hard to connect with your attorney.  You can't take calls at work perhaps, or when you call, he's on another line.   At the Rembert Law Firm, we use the most up to date technology to help with communication.  We respond to texts and emails as quickly as possible and keep our client portals up to date with all the information you need about your case or claim.

Been Through It Too

Two weeks after he founded The Rembert Law Firm, André, himself, was severely injured because of someone's negligence. He had to have nerve repair surgery on his leg and go through eighteen months of physical therapy in order to be able to walk normally again.  Even being a personal injury attorney, he had to fight tooth and claw to maximize the recovery, using his professional experience to exhaust the insurance coverage available. When he says 'I know what you're going through,' believe him. He knows what you're going through. And he knows how to get you to the other side in the best way possible.

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