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personal injury

Personal Injury

Personal Injury claims vary in many different ways and can become overwhelming when trying to deal with these cases alone. The Rembert Law Firm has years of experience in personal injury claims. Having a skilled attorney to help file a claim can be very beneficial. Not only can they guide you during the claim process, but they can also advocate on your behalf to help ensure that your claim is approved.

Know Your Rights

Personal Injury cases are very common, and they vary from slip and fall injuries to dog bites and many more. When a person has been injured and another person or business is to blame, there are certain steps you need to follow. 

The first thing a person needs to do is to make sure that they have not been severely injured. If you have, seek medical help immediately, then contact your lawyer as soon as possible. The liable party may be held responsible for any medical bills you acquire due to the incident and any other damages that may have been caused by the accident.

personal injury
personal injury

Know Your Rights

Not every injury comes from an automobile accident, but the elements are all the same. Did you get hurt because of someone else's negligence?  For instance, I was personally catastrophically injured on someone's boat when they left a hard-to-see sharp piece of metal sticking out that ripped my leg open and required leg surgery.  A personal injury doesn't need to be from a collision. It just has to be an injury caused by someone else.


Slip-and-falls are common personal injury claims. Assault can be as well. If you're not sure if your injuries fit for a personal injury claim, give us a call. It's free to discuss your options and we'll give you and honest and fair review.

Product Liability 

Medical Malpractice 

Slip and Fall

Wrongful Death

Premises Liability

Nursing Home Neglect 

Evaluate the Severity of your Injuries

After being injured at the fault of another, it is important to be evaluated by a medical professional.

Document your Injures

Once you have established that you are not in any immediate danger, document your injuries with notes and photos if possible.

Call an Attorney

After proper evaluation of your situation and documentation of the injury, call a qualified attorney to discuss the possibility of a claim to help cover medical expenses and time off from work if applicable.

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