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R3-What you need to do after being injured at work

Injured at work

R3-What you need to do after being injured at work

If an individual has been injured at work, it can be a hassle to file a worker's compensation claim. There are specific procedures that will need to be followed to help ensure that your claim is approved and that you receive fair compensation. So what do you need to do after being hurt at work? Below we will review the steps that may need to be taken after an injury has occurred.

Immediately after the accident has taken place, you need to seek medical attention. Some people will put off going to the doctor or not go at all because they think that their injuries are not severe. However, in some cases, injuries can be worse than they first appear; this is especially true in situations where there may be internal injuries. Even minor aches and pains can be a result of a more serious underlying injury. Make sure to keep a copy of all the medical bills and records that you receive due to the accident. Another reason it is crucial to see a doctor or health care professional right away is that there are set time limits on these cases, and if medical help is not gotten right away, you may forgo your right to file a worker's comp claim.

Another crucial step to remember is that you will need to inform your employer of the accident. If there was anyone present at the time that the incident occurred, write down their names as they may be needed as a witness in your case.

In cases of worker's comp, an attorney can be a crucial asset to your lawsuit. There will be specific paperwork that will need to be taken care of and filed; your lawyer will be able to assist you by advising you on what needs to be done and what papers need to be filed so that you can get your claim rolling. In addition to this, your lawyer will be able to advocate on your behalf in some situations. Having a knowledgable attorney can be a tremendous help during this process. Use precaution when discussing your case with others. Do not post anything about your lawsuit on social media. Have your attorney advise you on what you should say when speaking with your employer and any insurance companies.

You will most likely be required to go to a physician that is approved by your employer and their insurance agency. However, if you feel that you have not received the proper care from this physician, you should contact your attorney. Complying with the requests of your employer's insurance company on where you receive medical care can help ensure that your medical bills are covered and maybe even the transportation cost if your claim is approved. Try to keep a record of how much you have traveled to and from your doctor visits. You can do this by documenting the mileage. But remember if you are not being taken care of properly by the chosen doctor, let our attorney know.

Another tip when seeking workers comp is to try not to miss any doctor's appointments. Failing to show up for medical visits could be disastrous to your claim if you cannot make the doctor's appointment make sure to contact the medical facility and let them know why. It may also be beneficial to get a second opinion on your injuries from a different medical professional, particularly one that is not a doctor for your employer's insurance agency. This can help ensure that you receive a completely unbiased opinion about your accident and injuries. If you are planning to file a worker's comp claim, contact The Rebert Law Firm.

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